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  Wedge Saver™ USB to PS/2 Adapter

The Worth Data Wedge Saver allows older legacy keyboard wedge bar code readers from such manufacturers as PSC, Metrologic, Symbol, Percon, and Worth Data to attach to a USB port. Users upgrading to new PCs or Macs that only have USB ports can use this device to bridge their older wedge readers with 6 pin mini din cable connection to their new USB computer system.

The Wedge Saver will operate on any computer with a USB port and Windows® or Mac OS - The Wedge Saver will attach to the computer as an USB keyboard device, and any bar code data will be transmitted to the computer as keyboard data - works with any application!

We guarantee it will work or your money back, no questions asked!



  Wedge Saver Overview

  • Compatible with PSC, Symbol®, Metrologic® Percon, HHP and others
  • Gives new life to legacy PC wedge readers
  • No need to buy a USB bar code reader
  • Uses 6 pin mini-din cables
  • USB 1.1 compliant (2.0 compatible)
  • Bus powered device - Hot swappable
  • No driver required - Plug & Play
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and macOS
  • 2 year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials
  • CE and RoHS Compliant
  • Made in the USA of US and imported parts

  Wedge Saver Details

Save That Old Wedge Reader
USB Computer ConnectionIf your PC or Mac doesn't have a 6 pin mini din keyboard port and only has a USB port, you don't have to buy a new bar code reader. You can take that old PSC, Metrologic, Symbol or other keyboard interface wedge reader and attach it to your USB only PC using the Worth Data Wedge Saver. Your wedge reader then appears to the system as a USB HID keyboard. Data is transmitted as keyboard data; exactly like keyboard wedge data!

So don't throw away that wedge reader. It may be worth several hundred dollars and may have several years life yet. For only £20 / €24, you can continue to use it with a USB port indefinitely.

Non-Worth Data Wedge Readers
If your PSC Laser Reader, Symbol Laser Reader, Metrologic Laser Reader or other manufacturers wedge reader cable already has a male 6 pin mini din connector, you can plug it directly into the Wedge Saver. The Wedge Saver requires the wedge reader to be configured to output AT key codes. If you have a splitter "Y" cable, the other end just dangles, or you can cut it off sharply. For non-WDS readers, order the USBX option for £28 / €32.

Worth Data Readers
If you have a Worth Data wedge reader, or Worthington Data Solutions reader, (WDP, TriCoder, MagReader), order the USBW option, and in addition to the Wedge Saver, you will receive a straight cable to connect from the wedge reader directly into the Wedge Saver. The following Worth Data bar code scanners are compatible with the Wedge Saver:

  • WDP P11, WDP P12, WDP P11/12, WDP P01 (Non USB)
  • T60, T61, T62, T63 TriCoders
  • M61 Magstripe Scanners
  • LZ100-WDP & LZ200-WDP Laser Scanners
  • P16 CCD Scanners
  • B61, B62, B68 RF Base Stations

Windows Configuration
Once you plug the Wedge Saver into a USB port, Windows will sense the presence of a new "human interface device" and will install the driver for the new device. When you scan a barcode, the data comes across the USB interface as keyed data and input into any application. Of course the USB keyboard remains interchangeably usable.

PSC Readers, Symbol Readers, and Metrologic Readers are compatible with the USBX Wedge Reader

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  Wedge Saver Pricing
Part Number
USB Wedge Saver for Worth Data Readers

USB Wedge Saver
USBW for Worth Data Readers
USBX for other manufacturers readers