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  KwikCount/EX Add-in for Excel®

Combine the Power of Excel and Bar Coding for Inventory Control
Microsoft® Excel has always been a powerful tool for tracking and controlling inventory; however, fast data entry of the inventory transactions has been missing. At last portable bar code readers have been seamlessly integrated with Excel, making inventory control practical.

Worth Data has bridged the gap between portable bar code readers and Excel with KwikCount/EX, an Add-In for Excel.

KwikCount/EX imports data from a portable bar code reader into an Excel worksheet effortlessly. The portable bar code reader becomes an integral part of Excel.

KwikCount/EX requires:

  • Microsoft Excel 2000 for Windows® or later (Including Excel in Office® 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 etc...)

  • One or more Worth Data TriCoders

  • Shelf or item bar code labels to match the item ID's in Excel worksheet (You can print them with LabelRIGHT™)

  • A worksheet with data records arranged in rows

The TriCoder is a battery-powered portable data collector capable of storing over 10,000 item numbers and associated quantities. With the KwikCount/EX software, use the TriCoder to:

  • Go to the warehouse shelves and scan and/or key data into its memory.

  • Connect to the computer and upload the collected data to your Excel worksheet.
  • Add multiple TriCoders to run with the KwikCount/EX software to facilitate multiple inventory counters.



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  KwikCount/EX Overview

After you have collected inventory transactions in the TriCoder Portable Bar Code Reader, attach the TriCoder to your PC and start Excel. Using the KwikCount/EX add-in, you can identify which worksheet columns you wish the TriCoder data to be flowed into. To update existing Excel worksheets, simply designate which field sequence (i.e. the stock number) is the controlling “key” or “lookup” field and then link it to the appropriate column in the worksheet.

When the data is downloaded from the TriCoder to Excel, the field identified as the “lookup” field is read and that column is searched until matched. Once the “lookup field” is matched, KwikCount searches that row and updates the additional field columns according to your linking specifications.

When the data is flowed into the corresponding columns for each field in the same row as the “lookup” field, the data is accumulated, subtracted, or overwritten according to the linking instructions you have specified. Receipts can be added, shipments can be subtracted, new physical counts can be overwritten, or data can be written into a new row.

KwikCount/EX provides the flexibility to control and mange your inventory in whatever way you need within Excel. You can set reorder points, safety stock levels, seasonal adjustments, minimum order quantities, etc., according to your requirements- and with NO PROGRAMMING! Use Excel formulas to create your tailored reports.

Download KwikCount/EX here
Download KwikCount/EX


  KwikCount/EX Details

KwikCount/EX can be used for:Excel® Add-In

  • Physical Inventories
  • Perpetual Inventory
  • Inventory Management
  • Receiving
  • Shipping
  • Inspection
  • Any application where data needs to be collected and updated within Excel!

KwikCount uses the highly acclaimed TriCoder Portable Reader as an input device, supporting the following interfaces:

  • PC Legacy Keyboard
  • USB Keyboard
  • High Speed USB Upload
  • Serial RS-232 Com Port

Multiple uploads, using one or more TriCoders are supported, allowing accumulation in the uploads to the worksheet. There is also an option to automatically generate a new column of item numbers, which then can be printed as a bar code label in convenient item or shelf sizes.

Also, if you need to print bar code labels related to your inventory, LabelRIGHT for Windows can print labels based on data exported from your Excel worksheets!

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